STOCKade ST400

Pneumatic ST400 Fencing Stapler

The coolest "big-daddy" on the block. Ideal for all your standard highway and field fencing jobs. The ST400 packs a real punch and fires staples that meet the highway code requirements. Faster than a gnat with a cape, the ST400 will get you home every day before supper. To Take a Test Drive simply contact your nearest STOCKade distributor.

Proven Pneumatic Technology
Adjustable power for high density timber. Reliability for high volume fence construction.

Aluminium Alloy Housing
Lightweight and corrosion resistant for extreme durability.

Rugged Driver Blade
Engineered specifically for driving heavy-duty fencing staples. Manufactured from high impact resistant steel for long life.

Suitable for 1 1/2" to 2" Length Fencing Staples
Uses genuine STOCKade barbed ST400 staples. Ideal for heavy duty rural fencing applications.

Designed for 9 gauge Diameter Fencing Staples
STOCKade brand barbed staples.

Staple Wire Angle Guide
Custom nose locates the wire for speed and reliability.

Adjustable Depth of Drive
Precision placement to prevent damage to fence wire.

Top Load Magazine
Fast reloading to minimize down-time.

Adjustable Air Deflector
Deflects discharged air away from operator for improved comfort.

Sequential Trigger System
Superior operator safety.

Swivel coupling
Greater flexibility for added convenience.

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