The STOCKade compressor is small and lightweight weighing 37kg with a 2L or 0.53 gal fuel tank. It features a 6hp premium Subaru engine with an auto variable speed control meaning that the engine idles when not under demand load.

This compressor has been specifically built to work with the ST315 Batten Stapler and the ST400 Fence Post Stapler. You don't need to struggle to start the compressor at low temperatures as it featurs an easy start feature, allowing you to get on with your fencing job with ease. It features superior fuel efficiency and works at reduced operating temperature. The STOCKade compressor also comes with a 12 month warranty.


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6hp Premium Gas Engine
Designed specially for use with STOCKade Fencing Staplers (ST315 and ST400)
Genuine Subaru Engine
Made in the USA
Reliable performance for all weather, every day fencing
12 month limited warranty

Auto Variable Speed Control
Engine idles when not under demand load
Lowers emissions
Reduces noise

Overhead Drive Design
Easy starting at low temperatures
Smoothe engine performance
Superior fuel efficiency

Corrosion Resistant Air Pump Housing
High durability

Patented Pump Design
Increased cooling efficiency for durability
Reduced operating temperature

Rugged Frame Construction
Lightweight for portability
Frame clamp or tie points to secure for portability

Fully Equipped for Use
Just add fuel

Toll Free Customer Help Line USA and Canada

CE Compliant

Product Code Description Barcode
C10066 STOCKade Petrol Compressor 9315104016392

where to buy Austrlia  wtb au   Canada  New Zealand  United Kingdom  United States


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